Monday, December 26, 2011


Dear Jaya Rani,

You are so generous to your family, and we can never thank you enough for that. You don't just give us material things (though what you do is amazing) -- you give us life-long memories, allow us to visit places we've never been before, and participate in things we've only dreamed of being in (okay, maybe just Versha actually dreams about the Wizarding World). But you literally make dreams and wishes come true, and you do it for the whole family. You are an inspiration to every single person in the family, young or old(er)...not just because of your incredible success at such a young age -- first doctor in the family!! -- but because of how much you love and take care of so many people. The least we can do is try to give you some good memories in return -- and we hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy everything you've given us!!!!

This is Magnolia Mansion in New Orleans...

One of the top 10 most haunted inns in America! (and one of the top 10 most romantic...)

This is the Vampire Lover's Lair in Magnolia Mansion (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

You have two nights in this crazy room whenever you want them, plus a vampire/ghost tour.

It's only a small dent of payback for everything you've given us, but above all, we just want you to know how much we love you.


The Kids
(Nitu, Versha, Puneet, Pranathi, Meena and Ankur)

Magnolia's description of the Vampire Lair:

"This Luxury King Suite is by far one of our MOST POPULAR rooms... People are just dying to get in!!! This is a great Honeymoon Suite for newly weds seeking Eternal Bliss! New Orleans decor at it's best! With walls the color of a rich Merlot wine, or maybe blood red, never the less this room is "Drop Dead Gorgeous" & screams rich decadence. The king size hand carved wooden canopy Vampire bed is a replica of the one used in the movie "Interview with a Vampire". (YES... Vampire Tours available upon request). Complete with TV/VCR/DVD & a traditional period styled desk to accompaniment your high-speed internet & laptop computer needs.

Without a doubt, this is the bathroom "Just to die for!" Furnished with a sculpted drape tub with a handheld shower that looks more like a work of art than a functional tub. A beautiful black marble & chrome vanity & drapes compliment this private premiere bathroom.

This is definitely the room for all Anne Rice fans. It is one of the most romantic & luxurious guest rooms at the Mansion. Perfect for a Romantic & Ghostly Getaways, Anniversaries, Honeymoons Proposals & Special Occasions."

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